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Lip Filler treatments are highly sought-after, but they can also be a source of concern for some due to the potential for unnatural results. At Nura Skin, the focus is on achieving natural-looking outcomes, providing subtle volume, defining lip contours and smoothing fine lines around the mouth. All treatments are completed by a Registered Nurse with specialised training in aesthetics.

The Treatment Process

Nura Skin provides Lip Filler treatments consisting of microinjections of Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring compound found in the skin that maintains hydration and improves plumpness. When injected into the lip, these injections help achieve fuller and more hydrated lips.

The key to a successful Lip Filler treatment is a gradual approach. Depending on the desired fullness, treatments may be spread over multiple sessions to achieve optimal outcomes. The focus is on working closely with you from the outset to ensure satisfaction with the final results.

Clients’ comfort during the procedure is of utmost importance and therefore a numbing gel is applied to the lips before the treatment. There will be some temporary swelling after the procedure, which typically subsides within 24-72 hours, allowing clients to appreciate the results of the treatment fully.

To maintain the desired lip size, recommended treatments are scheduled every 6 to 12 months. This ensures long-lasting results and allows for gradual enhancement during initial treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally only 1ml of filler is required for a lip treatment. However, there are exceptions to this, for example if you would like treatment around the mouth area at the same time.

During the first 4 weeks after treatment your lips may feel firmer than usual whilst the filler is integrating into the surrounding tissue. They will then return to their natural soft feel.

In most cases, lip fillers last around 6 months, however this can be up to 12 months. The effects of lip fillers are visible immediately after the treatment, swelling can be quite significant for some people, but subsides in around 24 hours.

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